Local radio host leverages his network to build a media company...

With Giggle's Business in a Box!

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  • You're looking for ways to expand your reach
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  • You want FUN!

We get it!

Giggle is about Gigglers helping local business owners AND having a positive impact on the world. 

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How Stephen Got Started...

Using only our model and his existing contacts to build an additional 6-figure recurring income. 

The Exact Steps He Took

To create a repeatable system that allowed him to add an additional $12000 per month to his recurring revenue. That's $120k per year!

Hi there! I'm Del Shaw

And I believe that business should be fun! We are only on this earth for a short time, what you do should inspire you!

This is why I created the Giggle Business In A Box Model!

To create a business model that allows Gigglers to have a positive impact on the world while also helping small businesses!


Well, I believe marketing is too expensive. 

Traditional newspapers and local radio are dead with people switching to streaming services for news and entertainment. 

This has left a hole in the market for local businesses still needing to promote themselves in local markets easily. Giggle has taken advantage of this changing media landscape using technology and a sticky humours content formula which not only overcomes this barrier but generates endorphins for the viewer! 

Giggle is an entertainment network designed to make people laugh. 

Join in the fun! Giggle is a one-of-a-kind and fun business.

Running a Giggle business is not about marketing skills or having a business degree. Giggle is about communication, motivation, and being open to learning. It also helps to have a good sense of humour!

Be Like Stephen and add an additional 6-figures to your revenue...

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